Building and nurturing relationships with donors is key to mission success.

Since 1997, J. Milito & Associates has helped nurture relationships through personal conversations with more than one million donors.

During those conversations, donors shared what inspires their giving and what doesn’t. They shared their joys, their sorrows, their challenges, and their frustrations. Together, we celebrated their generosity. We encouraged them and cried with them. And at their request, we prayed with them.


J. Milito & Associates changes conversations to commitments. Commitments that lead to mission success.

On average, J. Milito & Associates raises more than $1 million dollars annually for our clients through telephone fundraising. The average donation is $224.

The cost to our clients to raise one dollar is $.20 with a Return on Investment of $5.02 raised for every dollar spent.

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Different strategies will be more effective for fundraising, depending on the type of donation.

Telephone fundraising is an essential - and cost effective - part of a comprehensive fundraising strategy.


Annual Telephone Fundraising Data - Cost By Industry


What do our non-profit partners say about J. Milito and Associates? 

Conor Brooks, VP for Institutional Advancement at United Lutheran Seminary shared some thoughts: 

Service: Fundraising Fitness Test
“The fundraising fitness test was a fascinating look into the trends and realities of our donor base, with very little up-front work on our part. We pulled a few quick lists, sent them off to the Milito analysts, and within a few weeks, we received a trove of incredibly valuable data. Because of this unique service, we’ve doubled down on the good, and instituted several new techniques (with astonishing success!) and are very excited to continue serving our donors in the most efficient ways possible.” 

The Church of the Abiding Presence, United Lutheran Seminary Gettysburg, March 2021

Service: Data Hygiene:
“Though we all do our very best to keep our databases clean, the reality is that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with a list of donors and supporters. We were blown away when we started using Milito’s services to update our mailing addresses, phone numbers, and more recently, a cell phone scrub, which netted hundreds of new cell phones that we were then able to use for gratitude and solicitation campaigns with astounding success. A donor doesn’t always think to update an institution, but Milito steps right up to make sure the ball is never dropped.” 

Service: Telephone Outreach - Fundraising and Gratitude Calls:
“I am certain that there is no organization simpler to partner with for immediate fundraising success than J. Milito and Associates. Their depth of experience in this field is unparalleled, and it shows in the support we receive year after year from their work. Our donors consistently report back about the wonderful conversations they’ve had with our partners. The process is so simple on our end. They work with us to develop a script tailored exactly to our donors, our current appeals, and our organizations history. They help us fill the gaps to make sure every donor feels valued, cared for, and respected. We are so grateful for the work they’ve done and can’t wait to see what our partnership provides in the future!” 

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