telephone outreachCreating and maintaining a personal connection is the best way to keep donors engaged.

Telephone Outreach is the most successful and cost-effective way to keep donors engaged. (2nd only to face-to-face). 

The telephone is still relevant and a necessary strategy in your fundraising toolbox.

And the return on investment far outpaces other strategies, including direct mail and special events.

A custom telephone outreach campaign can be used to help:

  • renew lapsed donors
  • upgrade existing donors
  • secure capital campaign gifts 
  • acquire monthly donors
  • secure sponsorship
  • express gratitude and appreciation
  • secure feedback
  • update donor information 
  • call to action

Our experienced telephone fundraisers are warm, empathetic, and kind. They hold real conversations and connect donors’ passion and interests to your mission. They inspire generosity. And on occasion, when asked, pray with donors. They love what they do and the results show.

”We count on telephone fundraising as part of our annual budget. Each year we meet or exceed our fundraising goal.” ~ Catholic High School
“Regular thank you calls increase our relationships with our donors and result in increased giving . . . at least 15%.” ~ Christian High School

“Not only were we able to raise a significant amount of money, but we were also able to increase our donor base by 26%.” ~ Catholic School


“Telephone fundraising is an important part of our process to raise funds for free services provided to the community each year.” ~ Healthcare Organization

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