JMA 25 Years

Celebrating 25 Years !


Thank You for the amazing work you do in your community!

And, Thank You for your partnership on a remarkable twenty-five year journey!

The journey began in Aunt Louise’s basement calling Catholic School alumni. Twenty-five years later, we're out of the basement, and still calling those alumni (and so many more).

Twenty-five years later our goals remain the same -- to help you Raise More so you can Do More.

We are grateful for these first twenty-five years, and we count among our blessings:

  • More than 400 faith-based and secular partner organizations across the US
  • More than $45 million dollars raised for tuition and scholarships, music education, school shoes, health care, grief support, nutrition, housing assistance, clergy training, Scout programs, senior care, and other services that make strong communities.
  • A dedicated team of professionals committed to customer service, quality, and excellence.

Now we’re ready for the next twenty-five. 

Because there is more to do, more missions and ministries to support.

Your mission has never been more important than it is today. 

Contact us. It would be a blessing and an honor to join your journey toward mission growth and impact.

720 Three Mile Rd. NW
Suite 2
Grand Rapids, MI 49544