Getting the Gift and So Much More . . . .

What more is there than the gift? Isn’t getting the gift the only thing that really matters?

Non-Donors: 10 Reasons to Engage Today

“In good times and bad, we know that people give because you meet [their] needs, not because you have needs.”~ Kay Sprinkel Grace

Fundraising is about helping people connect their existing passion directly to your cause.   It’s not about “convincing” them to give. It’s about helping them realize that they already care.

The Clock is Ticking . . . 4 Steps to Meeting Your Fundraising Goal

Do you hear the clock ticking?

If your fiscal year ends June 30, you have less than 120 days to meet your Annual Fund Goal.

6 Ways to Give Your Donors the Love They Deserve

During this season of love and romance we are reminded just how important it is for us to demonstrate our love and appreciation for our donors. And oh so important, to not just show our love during the Valentine’s season, but also throughout the year. Make Valentine’s Day every day for your donors.

4 Things Your Organization Must Do in 2015.

4 Things Your Organization Must Do in 2015.

Wow, so hard to believe it is 2015. It seems like yesterday when we stressed about Y2K.

“Light the Fire” in Your Donors’ Hearts

Education is not filling a pail but the lighting of a fire.” - William Butler Yeats

Welcome back to school!

Don't Let Your "Friends of Scouting" Campaign Get Lost in the Shuffle

November 4th is an important date. It is Mid-Term Election Day across this great country of ours. It is the time when we can exercise our Constitutional right to vote.

The two months leading up to November 4th are even more important. During this time the campaigns will be in full swing with mailboxes and phones inundated with requests to support candidates and ballot proposals.

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